Yvette Katambwa

Hi! My name is Eve and I am a single mom, a full time grad student and work full time for a commercial real estate firm in Bethesda, MD. Living in the DC area is not cheap, especially for a single mom. I had so many bills to keep up with and not enough money to cover them all. Like so many people today, I was looking for ways to supplement my income and be able to afford to send my daughter to summer camp. I would sit at my desk knowing that I did not want to keep working for someone else. I was getting tired of trying to make ends meet every month and barely making it. Sometimes, I would not have enough money to cover the necessary bills that month. For the past year, I have watch how many people were changed by this opportunity. I was very scared to get started, but figured the worse that could happen is that I remain at the same job with the same pay. So I took the leap of faith and signed up as a distributor and have never looked back. My passion has always been to help others in ways they never thought possible and enjoy watching their transformation. In order to be healthy on the outside, we must first be healthy on the inside. That is the key to regaining your life. If I can do this, then so can you!

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